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How Water Damage Can Damage Your House

By East TN Restoration | Nov 26, 2020
Wood Floor Water Damage in Knoxville

Many people find out water damage in their residences from different sources. While you may believe that a lot of problems come from a leaky roof or a harmed pipes device, there are numerous causes of water concerns to be knowledgeable about so you can stay vigilant and prevent water concerns or capture them early to avoid the need for expensive repairs. If you require water damage restoration knoxville tn, phone us today.

Roof And Rain Gutters

While the roofing is a well-known common source of water leakage with resulting interior damage, the troubles can not be visible from an informal inspection. Rain or melting snow can work its method through the shingles and erode the support structures to go into the attic room or walls of the establishment to cause hidden mold or water troubles. A comprehensive evaluation needs to be performed on the exterior of the roof along with inside by water damage restoration specialists to figure out whether damage has been done, and if so, the degree of it.


A structure's foundation can weaken gradually and make it possible for moisture to sneak into the building. Pooling water or drain around the foundation can get in a residence to damage the interior masonry, beams, and wall surfaces. Left untreated, mildew and mold can grow and make a room in an office or home building unhealthy for consumption. Contaminated air can be flowed through the building and create an unsafe breathing environment or intensify existing respiratory conditions.


As specified above, pipes fixtures may cause many type of home or office damage that requires treatment by a water damage restoration company. Damaged water lines, aging pipes, and damaged components can cause leakages and drips that are little in the beginning. It can be tempting to ignore them in presuming they do not need immediate attention. However, gradually, a minor problem can turn into a big issue that will cause major inconvenience and more considerable cost. Pooling water can even end up being a slip-and-fall threat and potentially lead to fungal growth that is dangerous to health.

Other Components

Bathrooms, sinks, and drains can result in other sources of water usage that are simple to overlook. A nozzle that leaks or trickle together with drain pipes or toilets that periodically back up and overflow can lead to flooring damage that might extend to surrounding structures like lockers. A dishwasher, a fridge's icemaker, or a washing machine can develop water troubles that lead to minor flooding and possible damage to the flooring.


Older windows with wood or vinyl mounts can weaken with time and let in rain, snow, or melting ice that can hurt indoor walls, floors, and other frameworks. The glass windows can gradually start to mist up inside and require upgrade. A house's windows need to be examined regularly to make sure that they stay stable and are not beginning to break down due to permanent water exposure from the outside.

These apparent and concealed sources of possible water leakage in an office or home structure can trigger serious damage to the structure and need substantial repairs and remodelling. Look around your home to look for early indications of water concerns so they might be captured and remedied early.